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D1 2004: New North Road Islington UK April 22

le Lun 01 Fév 2010, 19:16

UFO a mysterious triangle of lights hovering over New North Road Islington UK April 22, 2004

UFO Expert Admits Islington Video Could be Aliens

UFO expert Paul Southcott studies the mysterious footage of lights in the sky above Essex Road

VIDEO footage of a mysterious triangle of lights hovering in the night skies above Islington has been verified by a UFO expert who believes it could be an extra-terrestrial spaceship.

New North Road resident Paul Southcott, a member of the UFO Supernatural Study Group, has told the Gazette he is “90 per cent sure” that spooky footage of a trio of bright orbs moving above the Chapel Market area is genuine.
The startling video was shot at 9.30pm by a 45-year-old mother-of-two from her second-floor home off Essex Road in April 2004. Two weeks later she filmed a second larger unidentified orb that appeared in exactly the same position at the same time - but has not revealed the footage until now for fear of being branded a hoaxer.

The woman, who does not want her identity to be revealed, said: “It was like a blob in the sky above the trees. I’m 100 million per cent sure it was a UFO because it was like a big orb darting about like a lunatic. I zoomed in on it and it looked like a big ball of cells, like they would look if you saw them through a microscope.

“I wasn't scared at all because I was so fascinated. I stayed up all night afterwards looking at the footage. It was so exciting and I've been wondering what to do with it ever since. It was only when I looked at other UFOs on the internet that I realised it was exactly the same as all those other sightings.”

Mr Southcott, an avid follower of UFO and supernatural sightings since he was a child, visited the woman's home with the Gazette to see for the two films for himself.

He said: “A lot of people feel a bit weird after a sighting like this. There's no way this is a reflection from a lamp or Chinese lanterns. This is what we call an amber ball – it's always associated with a triangle. There was one above Pentonville Road in 1996 when nine of them all went into the one ball. You've got to go along [to each sighting] a sceptic and not believing until something makes you believe. I've not seen anything like that before. It's impressive.”

Mr Southcott believes the lights, captured on film on a clear and starry night, could be an outline of a spaceship. There appear to be no stars visible within the triangle, which slowly changes angles as if turning on its axis.

He said: “A triangle one minute and a line the next minute – I can't see the planets coming out of line do that, can you? We've got stars going on around it but in the middle there’s nothing. It could be a Tesco bag but until it lands its unidentified. It's strange. I'm 90 per cent sure its something.”

The woman - who contacted the Gazette after we uncovered a lost UFO sighting last month - has since had dreams about a UFO invasion.

She said: “I'm relieved that someone like Paul who's got a bit of expertise about it thinks it's genuine. I wrote to the Ministry of Defence but they didn't want to know. It's been driving me a bit mad from time to time. I'll leave it for months on end and then I think lets get it out and look at it again.”

Mr Southcott, who is planning to have the video cleaned up and authenticated, added: “[The MOD] can get away with it being anything they want. They have called the RAF out in the past – I'm surprised something this big didn't attract a helicopter at least. People want answers but nobody gives them to them.”

Judge for yourself - watch the UFO video

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D1 Re: 2004: New North Road Islington UK April 22

le Mar 02 Fév 2010, 06:09
La dernière à 100 % filmer avec une vitre devant , on voit les reflets des boule en doubles.Preuve à 39 secondes la boule de droite et devant l'arbre. FAKE
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