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(2009) Maine UFO Video Empty

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Ovnis (2009) Maine UFO Video

Sam 01 Jan 2011, 00:56
(2009) Maine UFO Video

(The original video on my computer before the digital transfer is roughly twice as clear.)

I was making my nightly rounds out in my front and back yard watching the skies. I looked up and saw 2 air planes flying way up in the distant sky. I then watched them and all other parts of the sky for about 4-5 minutes. I then went back inside.

20 seconds later I heard a distinct sound coming closer towards my house, I ran outside (out back) and watched as another U.F.O. flew very low and close over my backyard. (It wasn't heading to or from the direction of Bangor).

This was at 12:00 am. I thought it was very strange that I didn't see or hear the U.F.O. coming when I was just outside 20 seconds earlier. It just crept up towards my house it seemed.

The second U.F.O. I saw was at 1:07 am. I heard it from inside my house. Again it was another distinct sound from outside, I ran and looked out from my back porch, ran inside and grabbed my video recorder than ran out front and video taped the 2nd U.F.O. that flew over.

The 2nd U.F.O. also wasn't flying to or from Bangor. This U.F.O. also flew very low and close to my house. Before I started filming the 2nd U.F.O. it was a little closer to my house. I took about 20 seconds prepping the video recorder for filming (recording,proper zoom,stable stance without a tripod etc.)

The U.F.O. in the video was flying from left to right.

The lights on the U.F.O. aren't landing lights because I watched it and it was not landing. Also some people on the other thread tried to claim "wing tip lights" however if you look at the lights it looks like a triangle formation with 2 lights next to each other then a 3rd light higher up. At certain freeze frames it almost looks like the lights could be doubled up, as in 2 lights each instead of 1 each, for 6 total on the front.

This was the 16 or 17th U.F.O. sighting.