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 Ovni Usa la première partie du 16 juin

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MessageSujet: Ovni Usa la première partie du 16 juin   Ven 22 Jan 2010, 22:47

GOT FAA RADAR report--No radar reports over this area by Pittsburgh Airport Surveillance Radar! See proof video -
First seen over famous Oakmont Country Club Golf Course. Ended up flying down the Allegheny River basin at low altitude towards Pittsburgh. I call it the "Choo-Choo" UFO because of how it looks from the side.

Murrysville: On 13th, kept seeing "glints" in the sky out bedroom window, so tried out my new IR (infrared) filter and caught one whizzing by above mature, 40ft. high Blue Spruce trees. Streaks seen on some stills caused by unknown reasons. Sound is not added. Either it caused the streaks and/or the sound through the camcorder or I'm just lucky enough to have TV or stereo in background add it at exactly the right time. X-Nite XDR IR filter from MaxMax.com on new chipset Sony HDR-XR500 camcorder with Nightshot (highly recommended). Security camera is catching some crazy 'orb' type stuff & sky flashes too, will transfer it from tape eventually when I have the time.

You decide what this is & make your comment. Majority wins. June 25, 2009 in PA saw big orange/yellow/white light low over the treeline. It reminded us of, but was not exactly like brilliant orange/amber orb UFO we reported to Mufon.com on May 18, 2009 with pictures. So I shot it and blew up some stills. Too noisey with trains to tell exactly what it sounded like... thought I heard a helicopter at one point. Pretty low in altitude, but with the Lake Horn UFOs video being debunked with evidence, this might be the same.

Murrysville, PA - Low flying bright pulsing sphere-color of dimmed light bulb slowing crossing within 400 feet over valley in front of my house which faces south. Heading from west to east, it was totally silent, and at low altitude. It was a lot smaller than one seen & photographed and posted to MUFON.com on May 18, 2009. Not the ISS. Not a chinese lantern. Alot of these seen around the world lately. See this video in NYC last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aEs0P...
This gal is filming alot of them in NYC.
Even seen in Poland: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKlMcv...
Didn't have the good camcorder on the 7th, so I apologize for the crappy quality (didn't mean to sound facetious, but instead of replacing my 10 year old SUV, I spent $$$$ on stuff to catch UFOs on better quality video so the world can see the proof of what's happening here--so I was pissed, I forgot it and missed a chance to film a UFO in Blu-ray format instead of the usual crappy video usually taken--forgive me for wanting to show people quality instead of crap). My new video program choked in the middle but you didn't miss much--the stills are the good part anyway!

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Ovni Usa la première partie du 16 juin

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